Gray Area Foundation – openFrameworks and Arduino Workshop

Instructors: Joshua Noble Author of “Programming Interactivity”

Dates: September 25 & 26, 2010

Time: 12 – 6pm on all dates

Select ticket:
Non-Member Registration $240.00 GAFFTA Member Registration $216.00 +Materials Non-Member Registration $290.00 +Materials GAFFTA Member Registration $266.00

Description: A workshop to learn how to create physically interactive applications using Arduino and openFrameworks. We’ll explore how openFrameworks and C++ work and how they can communicate with Arduino applications and devices. Students will learn some of the basics of how the Arduino and openFrameworks platforms work, learn to how to connect the two, and then get started working with two of them to start making applications that can react to physical input and the make physical feedback using buttons, knobs, servos, LEDs, and computer vision.

Awesome to see more Arduino workshops turning up. This one’s in the Bay Area, it’s 6 hours, and apparently pretty comprehensive. There’s a materials fee of $50 if you aren’t set up to do arduino projects just yet — pretty good deal for the Arduino Duemilenove, the USB cable (just those two would run you up to $50), a breadboard, and some components.

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